Word document version of this resume available at: http://www.earthsolutions.net/dkresume_03.doc

Donald Kinney
Lafayette CO 80026-2307
W: (303) 665-4928 H: (303)665-4928

Professional Qualifications

Computer Skills

    • Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, VB 6.0, DHTML, cgi/Perl
    • Familiarity with UNIX, Linux, Win9x operating systems
    • Familiarity with Database design and implementation concepts
    • SQL, Access, RDBMS, RDBLC, SDLC
    • Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDraw comprehension
    • Homesite, Hot Metal Pro, 1st Page 2000 HTML editors
    • MS Office Suite – Word, Access and Excel power user. Acquainted with Powerpoint
    • Future interests lie in Web Development and Project Management areas.

Web Site Portfolio

Skill Set

    • Self-starter, multi-disciplinary web developer/Internet technologist
    • Knowledgeable in many Web technologies, fast learner, OJT not a problem
    • Project manager, product compliance, product line manager
    • Technical writer, Web content creator, editor, documentation specialist
    • Technical facilitator, line supervisor, strong electronics, problem solving, and troubleshooting proficiency
    • ISO 9001-level documentation knowledge
    • Strong communication skills
    • Strong people (soft) skills
    • Strong computer skills

Work Experience

    • Earth Solutions, LLC -- Lafayette, CO – Independent Web Developer.
    • Particle Measuring Systems – Boulder, CO – Project Manager, Product Compliance Technician, Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Technical Facilitator, Product Line Manager, Line Supervisor, Electronic Technician.
    • Denver Instrument Company – Arvada, CO – Product Line Technician.
    • Artisan’s Guild – Denver, CO – Small business automation. Designed and configured small office LANs.

Project Management

      • Particle Measuring Systems – FiberVac Manufacturing Engineering Project
      • Particle Measuring Systems – CLS Sampler Clean-up Project


    • Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, CO
      • Completed Internet/Web Developer certificate -- Jan 2000 to May 2001.
      • Completed additional coursework toward Web Developer curriculum.

    Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDraw
    Multiple Operating Systems HTML, JavaScript, VB 6.0, DHTML, cgi/Perl
    Homesite, 1st Page 2000 HTML editors Database design and implementation practices

    • Electronic Technical Institute, Associates Degree, Occupational Studies

    • Related training: Computer applications training: Office, Excel, Paradox, Fourth Shift. Programming classes at Front Range Community College (Turbo Pascal, C ); Business Education courses – time management, supervisory skills, EMC, customer service, TQM, JIT/cellular manufacturing.

      Professional and personal references available upon request.

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